I left around 1:30 to make the 2:00 funeral at North Richland Hills Baptist Church. There was a wreck on Loop 820, which set me back about 10 minutes or so. The church was at capacity, what a fitting tribute to Tommy’s life.

I made my way up to an alternate viewing area (the Children’s Education area, I think) and was able to participate through their media system.

It was a beautiful service, even if I wasn’t sitting in the sanctuary. Everything said and sung was so heart felt. I found myself crying a couple of different times, which is understandable given the circumstances. From my little area, I saw at least two other Tarrant area pastors, who came to honor Tommy.

Guys, it was so good to see you.

The only thing I regret was my need to leave early. I so wanted to hear what his son was to say about his legacy, but I had children to take care of. I had a wife that needed to get back to work, and a couple of little boys that needed their daddy. I’m sure that Tommy understands.

Lord, if you happen to pass on information to our loved ones that have gone on, please pass something on to Tommy for me. Let him know that he impacted my life, as he did many others. The ripple affect of his life is still being seen. It amazes me, but he was your instrument and you used him well.

Let him know that he has motivated me. Our last interaction was through the phone, after a couple of emails that month. I found myself wishing that I would have gotten back with him concerning our topic of discussion.

But as you know, I never did it.

Let him know that he has motivated me to minimize the “wish I would have(s).” I will do something today so that I won’t have to wish tomorrow that I would have done it.

Your servant was an inspiration. Thank you for giving us the time we had with Tommy. Thank you for giving us the hope of seeing him again.