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I follow John Saddington of  Tent Blogger on Twitter and my Google eReader. Feel free to follow him as well. He always has good stuff to share.

Right before my family went to a friends house to eat, he posted this little string of wisdom (from his professor) on Twitter this past weekend.

Take a look:

I hope that you can read it. He said he got it from a professor. I’m sorry that I don’t know which school he’s taking a class at, because I would love to give credit to the professor who came up with it!

But, here are the bullet points of the 7 Habits of Hightly Effective Marriages.

  1. Look at your wedding ring every day. Think of the commitment you made.
  2. Think of something wonderful about your spouse every day. Share it with them.
  3. Associate with people who think and speak positively about their marriage and family. Seek them out, pursue them, learn from them.
  4. Behave as though God sees everything in and outside your marriage. He is a witness between you and your partner.
  5. Let your mate and children experience the “Fruit of the Spirit.” Love, joy, peace kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, control.
  6. Think of something helpful to do for your spouse every single day. Then go do it.
  7. Forgive daily. Ask for forgiveness daily.

Not bad, eh?

If I were to add a #8, it would be:

Say something loving, compliment, or just plain nice to your spouse every day.

What do you think? Would you add or subtract from these 7 habits?