The last few days have been a little rough on the home front.

Our poor little yearling was fighting a low grade temperature for three days.  We are so grateful that it broke last night, and he is doing fine today.

One thing this meant is that sleep has been very scarce at our home!

He would go to sleep at bedtime, and would rest up until around 2am.  Then, the crying would start. Not a whimper with a gradual crescendo. No, a full on FORTE blast! I’m sure it woke the neighborhood cats and dogs.

This time can be hard. Heck, any time without sleep is difficult.  I’ve found these times to be deeply fulfilling though.

As a dad, I call the time after midnight as my own. The mom can’t have it, it’s mine. The only exception is on Saturday nights, due to my Sunday responsibilities.  But, every other night…err…morning, belongs to me!

Yes, this is selfish. But, as a dad I want to be there when my kids are having difficulties. I may not be able to protect them through everything in life, but I sure want to be there if I can.

Right now, I can.

I get to hold him close as those racking sobs shakes his whole body.  I get to rock him back an forth in our rocking chair. I get to walk him around and sing that horrible “ant song” which seems to bring him such comfort. I get to feel his body settle down, his breathing become smooth, his face becomes gentile.

I’ll hold him an extra 30 minutes just because I can.

This has to be heaven for a dad. Being with your kid during a tough time, and making a difference by your very presence.

I love my boys with all that I am.  I’m blessed to be their father.

My Boys

What do you like about the hard times of child rearing?