I found this over at Dad-O-Matic. To say the least, it is a tear jerker. I’ve been listening to it all night long. I’ve hugged my kids multiple times, telling them how blessed I am that they are mine.

It drives home the point that I won’t have them for long. They will grow up too soon. They will cease to be my 3yr old and my 1yr old.  These days that we have together will be lost in the winds of time.

This moment is so horribly finite, and this day will never be repeated.

For some of us in “church work,” we are very concerned. We find attendance waning, the finances dwindling, it is a scary ride down. We are so concerned that we find ourselves thinking about it at home as well as in the office. We find ourselves going to sleep with it on our minds and waking up having dreamed about it.

One thought for two things. First off, regardless of our job and circumstance, it won’t be this way for long. It is all transient.

Also, our kids are the same way. The age we have them at now is fleeting. It won’t be like this for long.

Perhaps we should make the most of it.