Facebook is an interesting phenomenon for me. Through Facebook, I’ve been able to reconnect with a lost sister after 22+ years!

Within the last couple of years, I’ve been connecting with people I went to high school with. Some of these people were my very best friends. Others, I hardly knew. But, for whatever reason, we’ve connected via Facebook.  I now I get to look into their lives, via their updates, and see what is going on.

Now, fairly recently an old Jazz Band photo was uploaded by Lani.

If you can’t tell, I’m at the top left of the picture.

This was possibly one of the funnest groups (did I say that right?) that I have ever been a part of.  I look at this picture, and remember vastly more good memories than bad ones. The Band Directors were great people. And even though as students we didn’t hang out together all the time; we definitely had fun when we were playing together.

It was a great group!

The Ones We Leave Behind

I also feel a little bit of sadness when I look at the picture.

You see, there are quite a few important people in this picture. My two very best friends in school are in this picture.  I’ve kept touch minimally with both of them through the years.  We are connected on Facebook, so at least I can look in on them every now and again.  But, the closeness that was there is not nearly as prevalent now.

Lost in Action

Also, there are two people missing from our little Facebook family.

Please forgive me if I misspell their names. I can’t find my yearbook. I look at this picture and see two people that played a prominent role in my high school life, yet I can’t seem to find them on Facebook.  I can’t find Todd and Danielle.

You see, Todd taught me to not fear the dance floor. He taught me the one and only line dance I know, The Electric Slide!

Late one night, along the East Bay, we spent well over an hour working on it. I brought my portable stereo, and we worked and worked and worked. If I remember correctly, we even had some people stop and watch. I’m sure we were a sight to behold. This isn’t the only good memory I have of Todd, just an example.

I wish I knew what the guy was up to.

Secondly, I don’t see Danielle anywhere.  She was my high school crush at times, and my worse enemy at other times.  I almost had a date with her once.


That’s a story for another time.

But most of all, I always felt in competition with her when it came to music. She was a great singer, and a great player (saxophone).  If I was any good in the area of music during my high school tenure, then part of it had to be because of her.

Oh, and if anyone has a picture of that Giant Yellow Banana Clip from our (I’m guessing Junior year) Prom, I would pay money for it! It was hilarious!

Lost Opportunities

Reminiscing in this way also makes me think of lost opportunities.

I’ve recently connected with another high school alumni via Facebook.  I didn’t know this guy hardly at all. Yet, I find myself curious as to how things turned out.  I wonder what it would have been like to have actually gotten to know him in high school?

I will never know.

Again, Facebook is an interesting thing. It gives us a way to look into our friends lives, see what they are doing, and how things have turned out. It is an incomplete picture, but a picture none-the-less. It also shows us the relational holes we may have left behind.  I’m glad that we have Facebook. I’m also just a bit saddened at the same time.

What About Today?

I’m of the opinion that we have an opportunity today.  We will have opportunities today, tomorrow, probably even the next day. Each opportunity is represented by the people that enter into our lives.

Will we get to know them? Will we spend time with them? Or, will they be an obstacle to getting through the rest of our day. We get to choose.

Also, via the wonders of modern technology, we can reconnect with old friends again. Heck, we might even connect with an old acquaintance, and become friends in the process!  Again, we get to choose to reconnect or not.

Will you choose to connect, or just get through? How has Facebook impacted your life?