That fly annoyed me, even before the plate came to the table.

He was mocking me. I could see it in the way he flew around my head.

There I was, attending the Ministerial Alliance meeting at Alba’s Italian Restaurant (FB), getting peeved at a bug!

Why couldn’t he annoy someone else. There were twenty other people there. Why me?!

The meal came, and boy was it good! It was one of my favorites, Chicken Piccatta. I especially love that buttery lemon sauce. So rich, so good!

That fly…that pesky little fly, made a low “fly by” coming in between me and my chicken piccatta.

Oh, he shouldn’t have done that!

Without even thinking, I gave a short burst of breath, knocking the little bug into my plate. There he was captured in the buttery lemon sauce of death!

I watched him struggle for just a moment, enjoying the torment of my tormentor. Finally, I picked him up out of the sauce, holding this annoyance up into the light. I looked closely, gloatingly over him. Finally, I covered him in an extra napkin, and put him out of my misery.

Smug and satisfied, I began to chew on my very next bite of chicken piccatta.

Then it hit me…

I just knocked a fly into my food!

I lost my appetite.

When was the last time you did something with unintended consequences?