Darcy Says, "Don't Lose Christmas!"

I almost lost Christmas this year.

Luckily for me, a friend reminded me to not lose it.

Now, what do I mean that I almost lost Christmas this year?  I’m a Preacher! How in the world could I lose Christmas?

You know, I’m not all that sure. I’ve never let a lack of anything ever stop me before, so here are my thoughts.

Up until this point, we had no Christmas decorations up in, or outside of, our house.  We still won’t have any up outside, but I just got the Christmas Tree up.

We will decorate it as a family tonight.  There will be gifts underneath it soon, some from us and some from Grandma Betty. We might put the Christmas Cards we’ve received in the tree. You never do know.

But this is the point: I just now…the day before Christmas Eve…put our first decoration up. 

While we may be having a Christmas Eve and a Christmas Day service at church, we had no visible sign of celebrating Christ’s birth at our house.

That is what I mean when I say we almost lost Christmas.

Possible reasons for me (almost) choosing to not celebrate Christmas at home?

  1. The bombardment of Christmas by retailers beginning pre-Thanksgiving had gotten to me.
  2. The bombardment of Christmas music over the radio, tv, stores, etc. had finally gotten to me.
  3. The way in which Christmas has been thrown up over houses, city buildings, and retail shops make my eyes hurt.
  4. Or maybe it was that horrid Michael Bublé Christmas Special the other night… Where Justin Bieber came out “sagging” to do his performance… that really just pushed me over into Grinchdom.

I’m not sure.

All I know is that I had none, absolutely zero impulse to mark Christmas as special in our house.

But, I’ve been reminded that Christmas isn’t about what I feel.  I know it is about the birth of Jesus. You don’t have to tell me that.

But, I had to be reminded that this is an opportunity to teach my children in a visual-tactile way what it is all about.  They are worth being taught this truth. They are worth being taught this, and to celebrate this.

They are worth it.



Author’s Note: Tim almost lost Christmas. His wife did not lose Christmas. She’s been reading Christmas stories to the boys every night; and most definately was keeping Christmas alive in the household. 😉