Thinking of American Politics brings fits of apathy upon me.

…just saying…

Actually, I do care. I care about our future. I care about my kids future.

But, I see very little enticing about the current crop of Republican candidates, and even less out of our current leadership.

Everything seems to end with a /facepalm…

Lord in heaven, I’m not looking for another messiah. You’ve got that one covered, and I’m extremely thankful.  All I want is a few things.

First, may we have someone that can string intelligible sentences together without a teleprompter or annoying verbal pauses. May we also have someone that won’t embarrass us on the public stage. Finally, may we have someone who will keep government as unobtrusive as possible? I’ve seen it fostering dependence upon itself. It’s breaking my heart.

Is that even plausible?