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I’ve been thinking a lot about not being an absentee father.

I’m sure you know what that is.

For many reasons, kids grow up without dads interacting meaningfully in their lives. Some reasons are catastrophic. A dad dies, a divorce happens, an accident that irrevocably changes the course of the family’s life. Other times, it’s less obvious, but still harmful. You have dads who’s work keeps them gone for long periods of time. Sure, military comes to mind; but there are other occupations as well. Minor league baseball? What about civil construction. Do you work on a oil rig out in the gulf?

You see, there are plenty of things that keep us separated from our families.

I’ve found the most insidious to be the most innocent looking. Guys that are detached from their kids, while they are right at home. They are glued to the tv, computer, or maybe a game console. They participate in some hobby with every waking hour. The whole time, their kids are longing to just be acknowledged.

Some kids hate football, but not for the reason you think. They never want to play it, because it was the main barrier between them and their father growing up.

So, we see that there are many reasons that a dad might be absent from their families. Some of it is due to the world acting upon them, other things are based upon their own neglect.

The question for me is, what can we do to maximize the time we have?

I’ll be exploring this, in this place.