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I had known Bob Matthews for more than a couple of years.  As I think back, I had probably known him for about five years.

He was one of my Senior Adult men of the church.  He was into his 90s, been married well beyond 60 (68?) years, and raised three great daughters.  He’s a man that a younger guy could look up to.

We had announced in church that our first born was on his way.  I believe we were into our 2nd tri-mester of the pregnancy.

It was before one service, and Bob waved me to the back of the church.  I shook his hand, and he put his other hand on my shoulder.

He said, “Pastor, do you want to know the one thing your little baby will need the most?”

I replied, “Absolutely Bob, what is it?”

Bob said, “He’s going to need a Daddy that loves his Mommy.”

No truer words have ever been spoken to me.

Thank you Bob.  I miss you. I’m trying me best to follow your advice.

Tell me. Are you giving your kid(s) the one thing that they really need today, dad?