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I just posted a little informational blurb about our VBS on our church blog. You can read it here.

It isn’t much, just a small update thus far.

Let me tell you, God has been blessing us thus far!

Over the past 10 summers that I’ve pastored the church, we usually start out with 15-20 kids on the first night. Then we grow to around 20-25 on the second night. We then end up with somewhere around 40 kids on our 5th and final night.

Well, we started out with 34 kids on our first night! It then grew to 42 on the second night!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are, and a tad bit intimidated, that God is intrusting so many children into our care.  Our fervent prayer is that God uses us to make a transformational difference in the lives of these children.

Frankly, we want kids to get saved. That is our primary concern.

For those that are Christians, we want their relationship with the Lord to grow deeper and stronger.

For those that aren’t at a place to really choose Jesus, or not, we want them to come away from the experience thinking this: “That was fun! God really loves me, and so do they!!!”

And really, that is the point isn’t it?

For those of us that have been to numerous VBS(es) and Camps growing up; exactly how much do you remember?

We are lucky if we come away with one vivid experience that stays with us for a lifetime.  For instance, It was at camp that I really learned what a quiet time was. Not only that, but I still use the basic method of doing it that I learned back then.

VBS/Camp isn’t about teaching doctrine. We’re lucky if the kids become somewhat familiar with a bible story or two.

But, if they come away with the truth of God’s love for them. His sacrifice for them. And that WE, as his people, love them too…  That is a Full Win in my book.

If you have a VBS coming up in the near future, let me know. I would love to have the opportunity to pray for your church by name.