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I first came upon this via a post by Maurilio Amorim.

There is a book out called: “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” by Dr. Meg Meeker.  Even though I don’t have daughters, I still want to read it!

Here is her interview on the Today Show.

The reason I’m bringing it to your attention is this.  She says that, “Women end up marrying what they are familiar with, not what they want.” (my paraphrase.)

That rung a bell, and then I remembered words from a friend of mine named Doug.  He has at least one daughter 🙂 , and he once gave me some unsolicited advice.  He said, “Love your daughter so much that she won’t take anything less from another man.” (Again, I’m paraphrasing. It is from my faulty memory!)

All this to say, our children are watching, imitating and thus learning from us.

Dads, You Matter!

It Takes A Dad.