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This was my first time directing our VBS.  We’ve been at FBC Lake Worth for 10 Summers now, and this was my first foray into it!

It really was an Amazing Adventure!

So, what did I learn?

  • Never underestimate God.
  • Prayer Works.
  • Give people the freedom to make decisions.
  • Be Grateful for the hard work of previous Directors.
  • Oh, and start earlier next year!

I know that I learned more than that, but those come to my mind at the moment.

Never underestimate God.

Everything about this VBS exceeded our expectations. I completely underestimated God in this. He sent us almost double the normal amount of kids!

Prayer Works.

Yet, I shouldn’t be that surprised, right?! We have been praying for salvation(s) since this past December. My lack of faith is proportional to the amount of giddy shock at how well things went.

Give people the freedom to make decisions.

As a brand new Director and full time Pastor, I had to trust people. I didn’t have the time of past Directors to put into it. This resulted in the people being unleashed in ministry!

Was everything like I would have done it?

Of course not. But, it was waaaay better!

Be Grateful for the hard work of previous Directors.

Most of the attenders of our VBS are returnees. Some of them have been with us anywhere from 3-4 years. Many of these kids were the ones that made decisions to follow the Lord.

Their continued attendance over the years is a testament of how good the past Directors did their jobs!

Believe me when I say, it was the work of the Holy Spirit over multiple years, along with the dedication of past Directors and other Volunteers, that brought to fruition such a plentiful harvest.

Thank the Lord for previous Directors!

Oh, and start earlier next year!

I think I picked up the Director’s book about 4 weeks before VBS. This was two weeks before Children’s Camp.

You can imagine how much time I put into it!

Looking into the book, they have calendars and timelines that go back 9 months (or more)!  Now I can see why.  I can only imagine what it would have been like if I would have started praying and preparing for the VBS 9 months ago.

I’m excited about what is coming. There were 13 kids, and 1 adult that made professions of faith throughout our VBS week. For our small church, THIS IS HUGE!!!

Some of them will come back to our church in the proceeding Sundays.

Pray for us, that we will do a God honoring job of discipleship with these new believers.

After all, those are the marching orders…right?

We’re not called to just make converts. We are called to make “disciples.” People who authentically follow Jesus.

My prayer is that your VBS goes super well! I pray that God will double, triple, even quadruple the harvest for your church!