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It’s my day off, so of course I’m waiting at the church to transfer our decorations to another church.

Since I’m here, I decided to catch up on my backlog of blog reading. One I like to read is Wade Burleson’s self-titled blog.

He’s in New Orleans, getting ready to attend this years SBC Annual Convention. He posted a “Man on the Street” video…the street being Bourbon Street!  He was asking two particular questions:

  1. Do the people know who/what the SBC is?
  2. What do they think of the name change to Great Commission Convention?

Here’s his video.

It makes me think that most of the things covered at the SBC Annual Convention (Calvinism, LifeWay’s selling the “Blindside,” Name Change, etc.) will be of little eternal consequence.

William Thornton makes his own 2012 SBC Annual Meeting Predictions over at SBC Plodder.

To be honest, the SBC Annual Convention tends to be similar to watching an oncoming wreck in slow motion. There’s usually a video feed for people to watch the hijinks.

Lord, help us.