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I’ve not written anything concerning Father’s Day, though I have thought about it.

I’ve read what other people have written.

I’ve cried a little bit.

I am a dad, afterall.

Like on this one from Dad-O-Matic: “My Little Girl Has the Biggest Heart.”

I am a dad, afterall.


I’ve wasted some time listening to the SBC Annual Convention Live Stream. Go there only if you desire some serious mind numbing.

We just got out of VBS, and I’m letting my eldest child go to another one down the street. Of course, I had to be there half the time to see how they were doing things.

While we did recognize Fathers on Sunday, we mostly celebrated the success of our VBS.

All of this, keeping Father’s Day at arms length.

This is what’s going on in my heart. My dad died a little over 4 years ago. While preparation for VBS kept me from thinking about it to much; Post-VBS has left me with time to think.

Basically, I’m still mourning the loss of my father.

I’m sure this will continue to happen to some extent the rest of my life. I don’t  expect it, nor do I desire it to change.

Now that he’s gone, I think of all the kinds of things I could have said to him.

…conversations I could have attempted.
…life lessons to be passed down.
…stories to pass on to my own children.

Alas, it is to late. That is what I grieve.

However, I also find energy in my grief. This is energy to take more, and different initiative as a dad in the lives of my own children. Where I miss the potential opportunity of meaningful conversation with my father; I can set forth my own intention of doing so with my kids. Where I miss the chance to show affection to my own father, I can show affection to my own children.

Where I don’t have the opportunity to be blessed by my father. I can bless my own children, even this very day.

So yeah, I’ve not really written anything about Father’s Day.

But, I’ve been thinking about it.

It has been in my head and in my heart.