My wife and I spent the past three days at a conference. The grand parents were kind enough to keep the boys.

While the conference was exceptional, we truly missed our kids. I came home appreciating them more deeply. I also came home appreciating Lorie more deeply. It is true: I married up. As some would say, I out punted my coverage!

I’m a blessed man. In no way do I deserve the blessing that God has imputed upon me. I don’t deserve it anymore than anyone else.

That must be why we call it grace. This getting, yet not deserving.

Now I get to go to sleep, waking up the next day to another blessing. I get to preach the Word of God to a congregation. Again, undeserved; but called none-the-less.

I pray that I do well. Not for accolades, not for applause or “attaboys.” Instead, I pray that you may be glorified. It’s the least I can do, considering all you’ve done for me.

Thank you, Lord!