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I have a new year’s goal: Live Healthier!

I’ve been blessed with a gym membership, and I had my first work-out today.  Before the work-out, I asked a trainer to weigh me and check on my body fat %.

Here are the digits:

Tim Dahl – as of Jan. 2, 2013

  • Height 5’11” (he put 6′, but I know better)
  • Weight 202 lbs (actually a bit lower than expected. I was at 204.9 a little over three weeks ago)
  • Body Fat 27% (better than expected. I was expecting to be at 30% or so)
  • Waist size – 37″ (ok, he didn’t measure my waist. But, 36″ is to tight and 38″ is to loose.)

My goals are:

  • Consistently follow the Body for Life work-out routine and eating regimen for 12 weeks.
  • Weight – 190 lbs
  • Body Fat – 15%
  • Waist Size – 32″

I’ve checked out the gym, got a sense of what was available.

Since I’ve recently turned 39yrs old, I did a light lower body workout this morning.  I intentionally stretched more than I would have (if I was younger).

I’ll let you know how it goes.