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I’ve got two boys.  Two small boys at the moment.  They are both sweet and incouragable, all at the same time.  Man, I love my kids.

I’m worried for them.

I’m worried for them for more than just one reason.

In the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, there is a point that really got to me.  It is at the very end.  The youngest son, stands up to his mother, letting her know that THIS particular young lady was who he loved…was who he was going to marry.

She relented to their union, accepting the young lady into her family.  Then she says something along the lines of:

“…but, I reserve the mother’s right to worry…”

You know what, I reserve the father’s right to worry as well.

I’m not worried about terrorists.  I’m not worried about natural disasters. I’m not worried about the things that might sneak up and tag them from behind.

I can’t do a thing about those.

I’m not worried about what I can’t control, but those things that I do.

I think that I may write about some of those worries here for a little bit.

Do you worry about your children?  If so, what are your worries?