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I’ve always wanted to minister to military families.

To be honest, I think I suffer from no small amount of hero worship for those in the military, police, and fire/rescue.  I don’t deny it.  Instead, I try to embrace it.  These people choose to put themselves in harms way to save other people.

They deserve more than just our respect.

They deserve our active concern.

We should take care of them. Period.

Our church is less than a mile from the Naval Air Station and Joint Reserve Base (NAS-JRB).  In the past 10 years, no one from the base has ever entered into our church.  We are separated by a lake, numerous stop lights, high ways, bridges, etc.  If I was stationed there, I would want an easier church to get to as well.

Still, I’ve always wanted to minister to an active military family.  To serve them in this fashion would be a true honor and labor of love.

It just doesn’t happen.

But, one thing does.  You see, our church (and our house which is only a block away) is directly in the landing/take off path of the NAS-JRB runway.  I see planes landing and taking off all of the time!

Air Force Wallpaper 2

This is my Pilots Ministry:  Every time I see or hear a plane flying over head, I pray for those pilotes.  Heck, I even pray for the mechanics that work on those planes!  Mostly though, I pray for those pilots, in those planes, at those times.  It’s gotten to the point, I can tell you if it is a Naval plane or Air Force plane by the sound of their engines!

Still, they need our prayers.

  • We need to pray for them when they are in combat.
  • We need to pray for them when they are training.
  • We need to pray for them.

It is our privilege to pray for them, even if we never meet them.

They are ours, and they deserve our best.

Oh, and if you see someone in a military uniform having lunch, call the waiter over and ask to anonymously pay for their meal.

It would be a blessing for both of you. I know that it was for my family.