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I’ve been trying to get into shape for a multiplicity of reasons.  One of my little goals was to run the Fort Worth – Mayfest 5K.

Please understand, I am not a runner.

The last time I ran anything that looked like a mile was back in college.

I dislike anything that even hints at cardio!

Mayfest mid_2013-logo

But, the Mayfest 5K became one of my goals.

For some reason I hadn’t signed up for it. I hadn’t put down my $20 entry fee.  I had talked about it with my in-laws a few weeks before, even talked about getting a team together.

Yet, I still hadn’t signed up for it.

Then the Boston Marathon Bombing occurred.

I had just finished working out in the gym, was changing clothes in the locker room when their was breaking news on the wall TV.  Two bombs had been exploded at the Boston Marathon.

I was stunned. Utterly stunned.

I remember going home, and not even wanting to turn on the TV.  I knew that it would be all over the networks, and I was right.  You couldn’t turn to any single channel and not find that one clip being shown over and over again.

I ended up feeling sick, then feeling numb.

After sitting there for an indeterminate amount of time, I knew what I had to do.

I had to sign up for the Mayfest 5K.  I just had to do it.  I couldn’t not do it.

I got online and registered. Put my entry fee on my card. Received my receipt in an email.

That was it. I was signed up. I even made a team!  It’s team “PuG.”  (Pick up Group).

I promptly texted my family members and friends that said they might want to run as well.  I gave them the name of the team; and now I’m hoping that they are able to get off of work and run with me.

My question for you is, will you run too?

Will you run with me (assuming your in Fort Worth)?

Will you run something, somewhere?

Let’s let the bad guys know that they can’t win.  We won’t let them win.

If you happen to be in Fort Worth during Mayfest (May 2-5), please consider running.  Join me in running the 5K.  If you want, join my team : PuG

PuG stands for Pick up Group.  It’s a gaming term, where random individual players are thrown together to accomplish a group goal.

Let us run.

Let us run, not because we are scared; but because we are free.

Let us run, not in spite of; but because of.

I’m running. Will you?