The Barlow Girls are one of my favorite Christian bands.

I have an acquaintance from college who writes a blog.  His name is John, and I’ll give you a link later on in the post.

I wish I could call him a friend, but we never actually hung out enough to develop that kind of relationship.

He’s following the philosophical path we know as Buddhism, and has a post up called, “Alone. Ish.”

Warning!  If you can’t handle any kind of “bad language,” brutal honesty; then please don’t go there.

Otherwise, go there and check it out.

What’s got me thinking is the differences between the idea of “Every living creature on earth dies alone.” – From “Donnie Darko” to the Christian idea that we are “never alone.”

As Christians, we believe that God is omnipresent; ergo we are never alone.

But, we do have something in common with the idea espoused in John’s post.

It is the idea of Solitude.

Solitude is a spiritual discipline that we see the biblical writers using all of the time.  We see Jesus making use of it throughout his ministry on earth.  It is a very valuable discipline with a variety of benefits.

All this to say two things.

First off is an observation. You may have more in common with someone than you realize. Don’t write someone off just because they are different than you.  I’m not saying they are always right. I am saying that we can learn something from  everyone we come into contact with if we are willing to spend the time.

Secondly, I need some solitude.  We’re doing VBS this week at the church. This is a week of high energy and lots of people (KIDS!).  I’m so happy that we have a spot on VBS Director, and some wonderful workers.  My introverted self is getting put through the ringer. I look forward to it being over and getting a day to spiritually detox from all of this professional extroversion.

Be well,