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I have two twitter accounts. Both are personal in nature, but are different in some interesting ways.,

One is connected to this blog. It is one that my “real life” friends have the most access to. These are probably the same people that have access to my facebook account as well.

It is also the most “Christian” of my twitter accounts. I followed my Christian mentors, favorite authors, news sites, faith related blogs, etc.

What I see is this: People speaking into the space “at” those who may be following them.  They are spamming “resources” (blog posts), inspirational quotes, bible verses, and etc. Every now and then I see a picture.

What I don’t see is Community.

My second twitter account is anonymous and hobby related.  Most of my “real life” friends don’t have access to it.  I follow some of my favorite related bloggers, news sites, and “famous” people.  I’ve also followed some others that I’ve found related to the hobby.

What I see is this: Some people are speaking into the space “at” those who might be following their feed. There are some people putting “resources” out there as blog posts.  But, more than that…I see Community.

I see people talking to each other, not simply “at” them. I see people sharing. I see people using Twitter as a means to connect in other areas as well.

I see Community.  I experience Community.

I’m going to pair down who I’m following on Twitter. It’s time to start interacting more. I can’t seriously expect to interact with hundreds of people.

In this case, less is more.

I wonder how many of us in the “Christian” space are just speaking at people, and not fostering Community?

I’m not talking only about Twitter, but in the space around where I sit, eat, breathe and have my being.

We think that “effective communication” is “me getting my point across.”

Maybe effective communication is the kind that leads to a community being effectively lived together.


Or, am I just talking at you?