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One thing about joining the USAF, or any branch of the military, is the need to stay fit.

Not something that I’ve been good at! It is something that one needs to stay constantly actively striving towards. Again, not my best area of diligence. It doesn’t help when you’re injured. Which, has been me for far too long.

I hurt my leg a while back, and I’ve been fighting “compensatory tightening of the T band” for about a year now. This is not a good thing. Basically, my left leg continually feels tight, with differing levels of pain in my upper quad and knee. This makes it difficult to run, at times walk, and do sit ups.

Did I mention that you need to stay fit in the USAF?

You see, we have a Physical Training (PT) test. In that, we have to run under a certain time, do at least a certain number of sit ups and push ups within a predetermined time limit.

Granted, I’m not due to take my test in the near future, but still. It makes it rough to stay on top of it when you’re feeling pain.

So, I’m taking Physical Therapy, and I’m trying to work out.

I’ve decided to go back to a workout routine that I used during Seminary. This is a picture of my today’s upper body workout.

Day 1 Workout Log

Working It Out

It is Day 1 of a 12 week system.

I’m adding one thing to it, though. I’m going to do extra sit ups and push ups. It is my understanding that those have more to do with stamina than actual strength. So, I’m going to do those every day, 5 days a week.

I’m just about 12 weeks away from my PT test, so I’ll let you know how I do.

For the record, I’m sitting right under 200lbs (197lbs); and I feel rather plump. 🙂

While I’m willing to take advice, know that I may not follow it for a while. You see, I want to follow the plan through, and not modify it during the process. I have a plan, and I’m going to trust the plan. I’m not going to fight the plan, nor try to “make it better,” etc.

So, if someone does give advice (which I’m grateful for), I won’t initially follow it. I may incorporate it after my 12 weeks is up.


“Hope is our weapon against the darkness.”