PT for day #2 is in the books. It consisted of a 20 minute HIIT Elyptical workout, followed by a sit up/push up routine. In all, it took a little less than an hour.

Here is a pic of my cardio log:

B/c Cardio is hard…

If I’ve not mentioned it, I’m following the Body for Life routine.

It isn’t a bad routine, especially if you don’t really care for cardio. For my “intensity levels,” I use the resistance level on the machine. I don’t mind watching the clock like a hawk. It makes it go faster. It said my Heart Rate was 150 at the end. I wasn’t watching it, nor do I really understand it. My distance was 2.13; but I don’t know if that is miles of kilometers. My Nike run app said I went a little over a mile.

Still, ellipticals aren’t my end game. My end game is running an 8-9 minute mile, or better. Using an elliptical machine isn’t running.

There you go! Workout for day #2 of my personal 12 week challenge.

I hope that you are making something of your day. This is the one we have, and we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.


“Hope is our weapon against the darkness.”