iPad much?

iPad much?

Another upper-body day is done! Day 10 of 84 is in the books. Actually, its in the Excel app on my iPad.

I can’t say that I did it to be ecologically friendly. I would rather not take a tablet into the gym. Too many people throwing heavy objects around. But, I had forgotten to print out this weeks worth of workout pages, so this worked in a pinch.


Taking about pinches. I noticed that I had a pinch in my right shoulder during my shoulder press exercises. I did finish the reps, but that may have been stupid. I can just hear my physical therapist saying, “If it hurts when you do it, don’t.”

Actually, he would say, “If it hurts more than a level 1-2 out of a possible 10, then don’t do it.” But, the shorter version sounds better. 🙂

That being said, we do know the difference between soreness and pain.

Muscle soreness is what you feel as the muscle heals itself after a great workout. We will be sore for a couple of days. If it is your first time working out, you’ll be horribly sore (delayed muscle soreness) for a quite a few days. But, when people talk about a sharp pain, a pinch, a pull, or some other modifier…its not a good thing. That means that something is happening that shouldn’t.

The Way Ahead…

I’m a novice, so don’t take my advice. I’m sure that you know much more than I do. But, here is my plan for next time.

  1. Take down the weight a notch (about 5lbs if possible). I’m going to start at a lower weight.
  2. Focus on form. I could have pinched a muscle, nerve or whatever it was that made me grimace due to bad form. I know what good form is. So, I’m going to concentrate on that next time.
  3. Use a different workout for the same muscle. So, instead of doing a Shoulder Press I might do some Deltoid Raises.

Seriously though, if you have some advice I will gladly take it. I’m not changing my basic workout plan. But I can use all the advice I can get on proper form, technique, lbs to use, etc.

So, how did your workout go?


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