Who’s Tim?

Who’s Tim?

That’s a good question.  Let me try to answer that question according to the roles I play.

Though I play many roles at many times, I hold three most dear.

The most important pieces of my identity are that I’m a Husband, I’m a Father and I’m a Christ Follower.

Husband: I have a wonderful wife that takes priority in my life.

Father: I’m the daddy to two of the best boys on earth!

Christ Follower: He gave his all for me, so I give my all for him. He’s the reason that I prioritize being a Husband and Father the way I do.

Truth is, I fall woefully short in all of these roles. He just gives me the grace, mercy and strength to stand back up and try again when I fail.

I have other roles as well, but they aren’t as important as those three. I’m a pastor, mentor, discipler, coach. I’m a gamer, martial artists, musician, fisherman. I’m a book lover, gyro eatin’, pho hungerin’, redneck in denial.

But then again, do any of those identifiers really identify who I am?

Nah, not really. I am, who I am, in Christ.

Everything else is just a role in the midst of it.

Right now, my desire is to care more about other people.