Pastoring, Mentoring, Discipling and Coaching

I’m a pastor.

I’m a pastor in the professional sense. I’m the called, hired and paid pastor of First Baptist Church of Lake Worth (TX).

It’s a good church with good people. I would love for you to come out some time.

Oh, and if you need someone to do a wedding or funeral in the DFW area; be sure to give me a shout!

I’m a mentor.

I’m a mentor in the amatuer sense.  I do it out of a sense of love. I’m old enough to have been around for awhile (39 and holding!). I’ve walked some roads, and I can help you navigate those same highways and biways.

I’m a discipler.

I’m a discipler in that I am a disciple making disciple.  I am being discipled, and I seek to disciple others.  In particular, I have one-on-one meetings with guys for intentional discipleship. I take guys through a curriculum known as Launching Multipliers.

I’m a coach (in training).

Did you catch that? Yes, I said “in training.”

I’m currently going through the process of coach training offered by Coaching for Clergy.  I’m at the point where I need a specific number of paid coaching hours.

That’s right. Paid coaching hours.

If you’re interested in vocational or life coaching, let me know. While my prices are negotiable, they tend to be around $20 per half our.