This is a thing.

This is a thing.


So, I did this thing this morning. It’s called a run.

I know, it sounds painful…and it is!


You see, I’ve been on an unofficial profile for the past few months. I had a Physical Therapist (an Army MAJ) tell me to not run during the period of my therapy. Well, she is gone and another Physical Therapist has replaced her (still an Army MAJ). I asked him about running, since the USAF is a running culture. He said I could start, but take it easy. Run/walk, or run/jog…not that there is much of a difference between my run and jog!

Rainy Tuesday?

So, on a morning best stayed in bed…

Rainy Day at Soto Cano

Honduran Dry Season, WAT?!

I got out after Formation and went for a little run.

I’ll have to do a PT test when I get back to home station, but I’ll also have 45 days to acclimate beforehand. My real goal is to run another 5K. It’s been a while, and I would like to do one.

It may look like I’m not sticking to my plan, but I am. My goal is to follow the BfL workout routine for the weight training, but to up my cardio to running (end goal 1.5miles under 14 minutes and future 5K). I’m not tied to the HIIT Cardio routine in BfL, because it doesn’t train me to my end result.

It’s now 0700; time to hit breakfast and then to work.

Post Run Energy Drink

Post Run Energy Drink

What have you done this morning?


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