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No picture this time, but I did work out! I also did the 22 Pushups for my Facebook page as well.

Today was a Lowerbody day. The Body for Life plan is fairly simple. It has you working major muscle groups, and giving you a lot of rest in between. For legs day: I did Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, and they also add in Abdominal muscles. I won’t do lowerbody again for about 4 days. It will go tomorrow – cardio, day after – upper body, next day(3) – cardio, then finally back to leg day (aka. day 4). And you just keep on going with that routine. It makes sure that your body gets plenty of rest before working that particular muscle group again.

You see, it isn’t complicated. Just about anyone of any experience level can do it.

Are there more advance, and dare I say effective, techniques out there?  Sure. I can’t say that there isn’t. People have been lifting weights, doing cardio, and trying to stay generally healthy for years. I’m sure there are better ways. But, this is the way I’m working right now. This is the plan.

As one Army Major once told me, “Don’t fight the plan.”

So, with whatever you’re doing…do it. Do it to completion. Don’t cut corners. Don’t try to “improve on it.” Just do what you set out to do. Once you do it, then you can change it if you want.

Set the goal. Work the plan. See what happens.

I’ll be here to cheer you on.

So, what are you doing?


“Hope is out weapon against the Darkness.”