Do it anywhere!

Do it anywhere!

Things became very busy.

Isn’t that a common excuse. It’s true, no doubt. It’s common, that also is without doubt. If anything thing, it is part of our shared experience. But, I also said its an excuse.

That’s kind of negative, isn’t it?

An excuse. That is a reason given for me doing (or not doing) something. It seems that we tend to use the word “excuse” when we assume that the reason isn’t good enough. It would also apply when the reason is good enough. But, we tend to use it in the negative sense of the word. Again, a shared common experience.

I will admit that there are reasons, excuses that are good enough for us to have missed something. But, my experience tells me, that usually my reasons are pretty inadequate.

For instance, not taking the time to write. Have I been busy? Yes. We’ve had a lot going on. But, does that mean I didn’t literally have 15-30 minutes when I could have typed out 250-500 words? Of course not. That’s the thing, we usually have time in the midst of the busyness to do whatever it is we desire to do. I did laundry this week. That was two hours of my life, where I waited on the wash and drying to finish. That would have been a perfect time to write.

Shame is another reason that I don’t write. My workout took a nose dive this past week. I did some stuff, yes; bot not nearly like I wanted to. Shame keeps us disconnected. That really is a shame! Our connectedness is exactly what we need to keep us going.

There is an old running proverb. “He who wants to run fast, runs alone. He who wants to run a long distance, runs with others.”

Ok, that is my paraphrase of the “saying.” But, you get the point.

If you so desire, feel free to “ping” me. I welcome your company, and your accountability. You can leave a comment, and it will automatically send an email. It would be a form of motivation for me, And, I would greatly appreciate it.

One last thing, my planning has gone to pot. It’s Tuesday, and I have a whole week ahead of possibilities. That is one thing I want to do this morning, is lay some of it out there. I was out most of yesterday, dropping off people at the airport and such. But, today is a good day to set things in motion for the rest of the week.

Let’s do this!