I learn new things in the USAF all the time. One of the things you quickly get used to is using acronyms. 

Here is one I learned early on: F.Y.S.A.

“For Your Situational Awareness”

We use this in the place of FYI, “For Your Information.” 

You see, the USAF doesn’t just want you to have the information. They want you to be aware of everything around you. They want you to see how things affect everything else. They want you to be aware of what is around you, on top of you, and underneath you. Sometimes you’ll be told to “keep your head on a swivel.” Same concept.

That is Situational Awareness. 

I want to be aware of God today. I want to see his comings and goings. I want to be aware of his movement, in and through me. I want to be aware of his presence and leading in every situation that I find myself in. I want some Spiritual Situational Awareness. 

Dear Lord,

Grant me ears to hear, and eyes to see. 

In your name… Amen.