My mind is wrapped around planning right now. 

We plan all the things that we do. And really, we have to. There is too much going on to not plan things out. I find myself the least successful when I just “wing it.” 

“Winging It…” I’m sure there is an AF pun in there somewhere.   🙂

I’m probably thinking about it because I seem to do so poorly at it. 

What are the things that knock us off our plans? 

  1. Other People’s Plans. You know, like our bosses. This is very true in the military. Not that your supervisor knocks you off; but everyone else that outranks you, and calls upon your services. Let’s face it, every Colonel is your boss…unless you’re a General Officer.   🙂
  2. Poor Planning. Not leaving margin (space) in the schedule for flexibility. While it may annoy me, one thing I hear a lot is “Flexibility is the key to air power.” It’s usually said when someone is about to mess up my plan. We have to leave time for the unforeseen. A packed schedule is one doomed to fail.
  3. Procrastination! Yeah, this is my sin of choice. This…and sugar. But, that is another post. I can find a dozen reasons to put something off. They all sound very rational at the time…hence the negative aspects of “rationalizing.” 
  4. Competing Priorities. This is real. Work-Family-Faith-Self Improvement… Even now, I have a conflict. I find that early in the morning is my best time. I think better. I find solitude better. It is a time when I know that I can get one important thing done. After that, the day really begins. And we know what happens then…other people’s priorities start showing up. Well, my conflict is what to do with it. Should I have a quiet time, or go work out? Whatever I choose to not do, probably won’t get done. Both are important. Both have positive and negative impact depending upon my choice.  Sure, I can go to bed earlier, but that then interferes with another priority…Family. I’ve limited time after work for family. I get about two hours with the boys, and maybe two hours with my wife. If I go to bed earlier, I’m cutting away time with my family. 

As you can see, everything affects everything else. I can only do that which I believe is the most effective for my life. 

So, this is where my mind is this morning. 

What about you?

Dear Lord, 

Help me with my planning. Help me to be effective and beneficial for your kingdom. You’ve given me a great gift. Help me to  do my best with it. 

In your name. Amen.